My summer working in the family business on Corfu

on April 9, 2014

WOAH. Hold the horses. The old mini market blog is back. Would you like to know what happened to the gal and the baby when they sailed into the sunset back to the UK? It’s been nearly two years now…. what exactly did I do…?

Here’s a taster…

SKYPE – ” YAnni, are you actually playing me a tape of you playing the bazouki?”

“No… It’s me.” (It clearly isn’t him live)

bring bring, bring bring…

“Yes, I’d like to register as homeless please…”

“THIS IS A RECORDED MESSAGE. Press 1 for a reaction, Press 2 for another option, press 3 for an alternative, press 4 for a wank, If you would like to speak to an operator then press 0, but be prepared for “Vivaldis spring” again…

“I will help you….”

And so I had help. Family as it turned out. She knows who she is. Then I worked….

“You are a great teacher. What taught you to work so hard? You go above and beyond.”

“I learned how to work hard. I like to think I really care about those children…”.

“I see it. You do. Where have you come from?”

“Aah, that’s a story for the autobiography… In the meantime, I’m awesome. or I hope to be. I cut my teeth from a very good source. “

New boss smiles….

She never worked in the mini market. That’s all mine…


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  1. Bean says:

    Oh. FINALLY! Nice. Oh the fertile ground, what it grows…

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