My summer working in the family business on Corfu

Victoria’s secret, job interviews, and air conditioning

on September 7, 2012

Times are tight, sure. Times are stretched here on Corfu. Everyone is wrangling with the other, no one is nice. I have been living with my Big Fat Pelekas Family for too many years. Perhaps it is time to go…

However, when your mother in law calls you to ask this, amidst the madness, it’s bound to put a smile on anyone’s face…

Bring bring…
“Aah, Looby, two things.”
“Yes, Maria?”
“First, please don’t leave, you have nice job place for teaching, see the woman tonight…”
“OK, Maria” (I did do that, more later)
“Second, will you find number for me from interweb?”
“What number?”
“Victoria Secret. Victoria Secret. Will you remember? I need a number for Victoria Secret”
Me, (holding it in) “Of course, Maria, I’ll do what I can.”

On what planet has someone told Maria that she should get in touch with Victoria’s Secret underwear? And whose it for? Yannis? I daren’t imagine the scene… oh yes I do…

MARIA – “Yanni, forget me doing the washing up, I’ve got something to show you…”
YANNIS – (sniff, rub of nose) – “Not now, I’m watching the news.”
MARIA – “But Yanni, look at me, I have crotchless panties, they were from the special division of Victoria Secret…”
Yannis – “OOh, Maria, that makes everything different..”

Oh god, I’m making myself ill. I must stop.

Apparently, Jimmy is an angel (everyone tells me so). Now, with current plans to leave for the UK for winter at least, (he is on side for this it seems), he is understandably desperate to make us stay. To this end, he (and his mother), now that summer be a closing, are trying to find me work. This is where I refer back to the job front issue of the prior conversation.

I went for a teaching job interview. Mostly to pay lip service to Jimmy and his mother.
For a job I didn’t want. Because I want to leave.
I was very tempted to turn up with my hair in curlers and say things like “I fucking hate kids”, “Yeah, alright I’ll do it, but you better pay me well”, and “I’m lazy, get over it.”

I didn’t do that. I was most respectful. I had a wonderful conversation with a very professional lady who couldn’t offer me enough money or hours, but who liked me a lot.

Turns out, that with my blase attitude in describing my experience, that I may in fact be a highly desirable employee. (Even though I was wearing hot pants and sunglasses on my head, she seemed to think so.)

Also turns out, that for the two years I was teaching here, I was paid 50% what I should have been. Welcome to Greece.

I, this time, will leave you with this…

Whenever we drive into town in the car, Jimmy puts on the heating as the car slows down. It’s a rush of heat just as we are looking for parking (it takes a long time in Corfu town). I have asked him again and again why he does this. The logic is…

“That it cools the car down.”

If ever I ask to put the Air Con on, he says, no, that it will heat the car up, and that “we’ve had enough of that”. I reply with “So we’ve had enough pleasure?”.

Any takers on this? Is he right? I’m doubting myself.

Again, welcome to Greece.


9 responses to “Victoria’s secret, job interviews, and air conditioning

  1. Robert Malam says:

    Yeah he’s right. Turning on the hot air releases it from the engine and helps to keep the engine cooler. Turning on the air conditioning uses more engine power and increases fuel consumption, therefore heats up the engine. TA-DA……

  2. angierblog says:

    It might make the engine cooler but doesn’t exactly make you cooler!! And trust me a human overheating is definitely infinitely more dangerous than a car… the temperatures in that place are off the scale, I can’t imagine putting a heater into the mix, utter madness!!!! So theoretically Jimmy gets one point from a mechanical perspective but from a practical and thus logical perspective minus 10! I’m 100% on your side with this one Looby….

  3. Bean says:

    It is always the way. The moment you don’t give a damn about the job, and you spend half an hour on the application, and you don’t prepare for the interview, they offer you the job. If you’d worn the curlers you might have been offered a company car. It’s a bit like getting an HD on an essay you wrote the night before…

  4. Nynke Moens says:

    Do post a picture of mother in law in Vicotia Secret! 🙂

  5. Nynke Moens says:

    Trying to correct that, but no luck.. We’ll say: Victowia Secwet!

  6. Roos says:

    Keep the aiwconditioning on and twow me the fwisbee! X

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