My summer working in the family business on Corfu

Mini Market Protest Part One…

on August 3, 2012

Artists come in all shapes and sizes. Superficially, the job definition is seen as being either a painter, writer, musician, performer, sculptor, artisan, comic… By job definition, “artists” work in a miriad of forms, and may well be mixed between all of them.

The greatest thing that “artists” give us however, is a commentary on society, or history, and more than this, sometimes a protest and rise against the unacceptable. Sometimes the artist eases us, amuses us, calms us. Reflects our desires, our willingness to want peace, or just to laugh. Artists seem to come to the fore most when times are tight. They are of the few people who are most willing to work for nothing, and at their best, just to prove a point, to make a stance, to give hope.

Fear not, that is about as wanky as I’m going to get… except for this last point…

Sometimes “artists” at the height of success, make their protest by perhaps getting together a free concert. (They get great publicity). I’m mostly thinking of Band Aid, and Live Aid. Sometimes, all the famous artists will rally around to give protest at a star studded event against something random.
“Welcoming Sting, and Britney Spears against AIDS!.”

Sometimes “artists” are not so highly successful. In fact, most of the time. I consider myself a phenomonously failed actor in terms of that success- I have no career to speak of, never did really. I am still a woman in a very sexist country however, and a protester of sorts. I do believe that charity should begin at home – and so should protest.

On that note, and completely like LIVE AID, I have QUIT THE MINI MARKET…

Part Two to follow soon…


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