My summer working in the family business on Corfu

The wonderful gift of God and collapsable chairs

on July 24, 2012

There is a God. If sometimes late, he’s very quick when he wants to be, and has a sense of humour. If there weren’t a God, moments like the following might not have happened…

Background – Yannis, my father in law, (and the Don Corleone of the business here), and I have entered our non speaking phase of the summer. Don’t be concerned. We do this every year. Literally, we do not talk. We do not acknowledge each other, and merely exist around the periphery of each other’s orbits. It normally starts with some minor altercation. This time it was something to do with Angelo, my son. It doesn’t matter what it is about however. Imagine how well this is going then now that I’m working with the family with so many possible realms of altercation.

In days past I would have approached him and try to sort it out. I believe everyone should admit fault and try to talk things through. The last time I did that however with Yannis, he tried to attack me physically, while grabbing for a knife. So it’s better this way. We don’t confront. We don’t address issues. We simply, after a minor altercation, do not talk.

So, (now it gets wonderful), this morning, not talking, after I had opened the shop, he came to sit outside. Not to interact, you understand, but simply to make his presence known. (Read “I am the boss. Your boss.”) I sat down next to him, in the corner chair (I know my place, read my Che Guevara blog for context) around the Lipton Iced Tea sponsored table (I really have to get in touch with Liptons for the amount of times I’m plugging them).

We were in silence. No customers, early morning, tension in the air, silence. Inexplicably, and many thanks to God, Yannis chair broke under him. The legs split, and with an almighty crash, he was on the floor. I asked him if he was okay, as he lay on the floor, while, and I’m slightly sorry to say, hysterically laughing.

“These fucking chairs”, he said, “they’re ten years old…”.

I was still laughing. Well, at least it broke the ice.

To cheer ourselves up more from my last blog, I would like to leave you with just a few of my favourite quotes from My Big Fat Pelekas Family…

Maria, my mother in law, about her husband-

“Every day is a new cancer”

“My life with him is a big black dog”

Yannis, my father in law, to me the very first time we met-

“You see beyond the mountain”

ME- (looking at the mountain at the back of the beach) “What? Do you mean this mountain?”

Maria to my step Mum SHARON (You will realise the relevance of my capitals in a moment), my Dad, and me, upon their morning arrival here –

(Maria, while giving out plates) – ” Baklava for you, Mr Kevin, baklava for you Miss Sauron… but not for you Looby (ME)…. You have too many kilos.”

American tourist to Jimmy – “What’s the weather like here in winter?”

Jimmy – “Pretty much the same as America.”

American tourist – “Oh, right.”

Yannis to me – “What you don’t know, is what I know about life…”

Jimmy (during an argument with me and mocking me) – “We will fight them on the beaches, we will fight them with the forks and spoons. We shall never surrender”


2 responses to “The wonderful gift of God and collapsable chairs

  1. Bean says:

    Ahh, the one liners. Unbelievable.

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