My summer working in the family business on Corfu

Sex and the Mini Market

on July 3, 2012

Things have taken a bad turn for the worse in the mini market. After a month of working here now, my mother in law, Maria, who runs the place with my father in law, Yannis, has started even hiding ice cubes from me and Emilia, the other girl who shares the job with me in the mini market here on the island of Corfu. Why, you may ask.

Well, water is relatively free, plastic trays are already bought and there are few customers in the restaurant. Still, Maria has decided that Emilia and I have had enough of our share of free frozen water. We use them for the occasional cold coffee you see. So, some days ago, she started hiding them. The ice cubes. Where they were, no one knew.  I’d seen them in the morning. Emilia, by the afternoon, was starting to mistrust my judgment. I wouldn’t say we exactly turned on each other, but she was unsure. I found them two days later, hidden by Maria under the two year old frozen fish. This is definitely not a good advertisement for the place, I realise that. Maria has made her point. Customers be damned. No one questions the will of the unwell. Of course she hasn’t said a word about it to us.

Things have got so bad, Yannis my father in law, the Don Corleone overseer ne’er do well of my Greek family establishment, sat down with me the other day and started talking to me about the economy over a morning coffee, right by the ice creams, outside on the balcony. No tourists come at this time. It was all going rather well until I wanted to join in. Goddamn me and my will to participate in conversation. According to him however, the needs of our small family business all come down to him “thinking… thinking…”.

It was at this point that he told me he sometimes occasionally walks out to the road and looks back at our establishment, while no-one thinks  he is doing anything, and THINKS.

“What is missing?”, he says to me, he is thinking. “What does it need?”.  I don’t dare reply. In fact, I needn’t.

Things have got so bad in the mini market I am fighting my comatose boredom by reading porn behind the till. “Fifty Shades of Grey”, to be exact. To anyone who hasn’t come across this global women’s porn phenomenon, well, basically it’s a novel described as ‘mummy porn’ that looks from the outside that you’re reading a half decent novel, but inside is absolutely filthy. It makes for some interesting moments in the mini market, from my point of view…

“He moves his finger in a wide circle, stretching me, pulling at me…”

“One euro, please”

“…his tongue mirroring his actions, around and around. I groan. It’s too much…”

“50 cents for the small water”

“My body begs for relief, and I can no longer deny it, I let go….”

(Maria, mother in law enters mini market) “Looby, such a pretty colour on you, why you don’t mop the floor?”

“Holy fuck, I cry out, and the world disappears and dips from view as the force of my climax renders everything null and void…”

“Five euros fifty for the flip flops”.

I’ve got to write my own erotic novel. I could take a whole new turn on it.

“We took out the flip flops stand together, they were only five euros fifty, the day had just started, but the tension in the air was something close to sublime. The sun beating down, all I wanted to do was turn the whole world off, but the NESTLE ice creams boxes had iced my nipples too hard for that eventuation… A Calippo icy pole only cost one euro ten.”

I really need to get out. And find some more ice cubes…


One response to “Sex and the Mini Market

  1. waiting for the novel with baited breath……………

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