My summer working in the family business on Corfu

Che Guevara, eat your heart out!

on June 12, 2012

I’m a small time revolutionary. Che Guevara of the mini market. Small time, I must emphasise.

Yannis came to me as I was sitting at the “staff” table in the corner of the mini market (amusing in it’s own right as it’s generally only me), during one of the sitting periods of my working day.

He had some advice. It took about fifteen minutes, simply to explain that the particular chair I was sitting in was not the best chair from which to have an overall view of the mini market. Now I will concede he had a point. However, he then went on to demonstrate physically the advantages and disadvantages of each chair around the Lipton sponsored plastic table (not a plug, not yet, otherwise I might say “the deliciously refreshing Lipton Iced tea sponsored plastic table”). I accepted his advice graciously, after having tried out the positions for myself, at his insistence. Turns out the one in the corner is the best, something that he couldn’t have just said to me simply enough. Or indeed, let me deduce for myself.

So let me get this straight. I have consented to return from Australia, a land of blossoming opportunity comparatively. I have finally given in to the pressures of working with the family, which I have avoided for years. I have then said that I will work in the least desirable part of said family business, as no-one else wants to do it (Yannis included). And after all that, drumroll please, I’M SITTING IN THE WRONG CHAIR.

After Yannis left, and I was positioned in the right chair, I got up and moved back to the wrong one. (There had been no customers during all these shenanigans.) So, Che Guevara, you ain’t got nothing on me. I’m conducting my own mini protest to the dictatorship right here. To no audience but blog readers. BY CHAIR POSITION.

Should anyone be in the circumstance to come down to Glyfada Beach for a visit and find a girl in the corner seat of the mini market with a plastic bag on her head and a glued broom to hand, please feel free to call out, alla Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing – “NOBODY PUTS LOOBY IN THE CORNER!”

Thought for the day –

Emilia came to me and said there were no more small bottles of water, in the fridge or in the storage room. She checked. She told Maria. Maria said yes there were. She said no, there weren’t. Maria said yes there were. Emilia thought perhaps she had been mistaken. I went and checked. There weren’t any small bottles of water. I came back to Maria and confirmed that there weren’t. She still said there were. Later, Emilia, a little stressed out by this (I care a lot less) tried to talk to Jimmy about the lack of small water bottles. It went like this –

EMILIA – Jimmy, please, there are no small water bottles left. No-one believes us.

JIMMY (after much heavy thinking) – How many are missing?



5 responses to “Che Guevara, eat your heart out!

  1. Joan says:

    Brilliant, I can picture the whole thing, keep your chin up and stick to the chair (not literally) xx

  2. Bean says:

    Loobet, Loobet. I’m captivated. Where are those water bottles? Is the TV working? What’s your favourite postcard look like? Do you have enough sudoku?

  3. Bob says:

    Greek life at its finest!

  4. Ciddy says:

    I’m dying to learn more about all these characters. They must have double lives.

  5. Elisa Williams says:

    More please MORE

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